Chris Roberts interviewed at E3 2014 by PC Gamer


Over at the E3 event PC Gamer hooked up with Chris Roberts for a short interview. Below we have pointed out some of the more important “revelations” in the interview:

  • Talking about the upcoming updates and addition of multi-crew ships to the current Arena Commander.
  • Next module to be released is the first person shooter
  • Pledgers will be able to play the PU by the end of next year and full release somewhere around mid 2016.
  • Planetside – You  can own real estate but this feature will be worked on when everything else int he game is working satisfactory.
  • The biggest tech challange is the backend netcode for multiplay
  • Oculus Rift support available already in AC. It looks really cool now but need to be better, need higher resolution.


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